Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bath Time

Today was Corbin's first bath in his little tub.  Based on the evidence, I think he liked it!




Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Little Puppies

The other day Maggie had two friends, Lizzy and Lexi, over to play.  While they were here Maggie got a doggie treat out to give to Lady.  These doggie treats are the ones that look and smell like bacon.  Rob walked in and saw the girls with the doggie treats and started telling them that the treats not only looked and smelled like bacon, but they tasted like bacon too!  He went on and on about he eats them all the time and how good they are and that they should try one too.  He finally talked Lexi into trying some.  She took a tiny little bite and we were both shocked when she didn't spit it out but kept eating more!  Then in an effort to get Lizzy and Maggie to try some he made a deal with them.  He gave them each a little piece of  doggie treat and told them they each had to eat their piece and then he would eat a whole treat.  Lexi ate ALL of hers (oh my heck), Lizzy and Maggie took a bite of theirs and spit it out, and so it was Rob's turn.  Just as he was about to take a bite he said, "I'm not eating that . . . it's dog food!"  Cheater. 

Rob then told them that because they ate dog food in a few days they were each going to grow a little tail.  Maggie and Lizzy were laughing and thinking it was pretty funny.  Lexi was laughing too but only because the other two were laughing.  I think if they hadn't been laughing she would've been bawling.  She kept walking back and forth between Rob and I saying, "Is that true?"  "Is that really going to happen?"  Poor thing.

After a while they went upstairs to play and then about 5 minutes later they all came down looking like this

Don't you love the bandanna/belt tails?!?  I told them they had better go show their mom (Nikki).  Rob called Nikki earlier to let her in on our little joke (we're so glad she has a good sense of humor) and she said she'd play along.  When the girls got there she gave them a "magic berry" that would make their tails fall off.  So funny!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exercising, the Unicorn, and Welcom Home

Rob's been really good at watching what he eats and exercising.  It is rubbing off on Daynan although Rob doesn't look like he's going to die as much as Daynan does.  Personally I think I would be dying too if I was sitting down on the bike like Daynan is . . . Owch!!

Poor Corbin's IV's kept going bad so the nurses had to find new veins to use.  He had been poked so much that he didn't have any "good veins" left in his hands or his feet.  So, they had to put one in his poor little head.  The nurses told me that the head is actually an ideal place for IV's because there are really good veins and less nerve endings so it doesn't hurt as much.  I sure hope that is true!  Trying to find the humor in the situation we started calling him the unicorn because of the striking resemblance.

We finally got to bring Corbin home last week.  It is so great to have him here and not have to travel to and from the hospital.  My other kids, Maggie especially, love to hold and feed him.  It's so fun to watch them take care of Corbin. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Corbin James

Our little (well not so litte) guy was born on February 20th and weighed 8 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. He is still in the hospital because he has a little infection in his lungs :( He is expected to come home this Wednesday. Yea!! Here are a few pictures and videos of him.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Choices and Consequences x 2

This choice (among others that involved more serious crimes) . . .

led to this consequence . . .

Fun in the Tub

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diaper Disaster - HELP!

The past couple of days have been a nightmare because the twins have figured out how to pull their diapers off.

Tuesday morning I went to get Bronson out of bed and found he had pulled his diaper off and threw it out of his crib. This was made worse by the fact that there was poop, yes POOP, in his diaper thus it was all over his crib, his room, and all over him. Brooke was in on it too. She wasn't poopy, but she too had stripped down, thrown her diaper out of her crib and then PEED. OH MY HECK!!

I remember a friend telling me her 2 year old did this too and she ended up taping her toddler's diaper on. So I tried that. It worked for a day. But then today happened.

Rob went in to get the twins out of bed this morning and yells, "Anna, get up, Anna.Oh Brooke.(dry heave) Gross. ANNA! (dry heave)" I fly out of bed and into her room and Brooke is completely naked and there's a huge poop right in the middle of her bed AND she's got poop all over her. SO GROSS!! Neither of my other two kids did this. I 'm trying duct tape tonight but if she figures out how to get that off I don't know what I'll do. Help!!